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  • S&P sector reshuffle may do little for telecom stocks
    The S&P 500's three-company telecommunications services index is about to be folded into a much higher-profile group, but a brighter spotlight may not be enough to boost the stocks as investors continue to favor growth sectors.
  • Dow, S&P touch record highs on relief from trade concerns
    The Dow and the S&P 500 hit record highs on Thursday, clearing away investors' immediate concerns over trade at the start of this week and leaving Wall Street free to return to a rally that now dates back a decade.
  • Minneapolis prosecutors weighing evidence in CEO case
    Prosecutors are weighing whether to bring charges against Chinese businessman Richard Liu after the Minneapolis Police Department turned over the findings of its initial investigation into accusations of rape against the chief executive, according to a statement released on Thursday by the Hennepin County Attorney's Office.
  • Aston Martin aims to steer round Brexit uncertainty to $6.7 billion IPO
    Luxury British carmaker maker Aston Martin is seeking a price tag of up to 5.1 billion pounds ($6.7 billion) in its stock market debut next month and has geared up for any Brexit outcome, it said on Thursday.

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