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  • Leonardo DiCaprio, Quentin Tarantino reveal setting for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
    Leonardo DiCaprio and Quentin Tarantino surprised audiences gathered at CinemaCon in Las Vegas on Monday, as they revealed details of their highly anticipated upcoming collaboration on Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. Tarantino said the film will be set in Hollywood in 1969, and will be filmed in Los Angeles this summer. “It takes place […]
  • Tom Hardy's Venom finally revealed in new trailer
    “We are Venom,” Tom Hardy’s anti-hero rasps in a deep voice in the first look of the scaly Spider-Man villain in footage shown on Monday at CinemaCon, a trade convention for theater owners, in Las Vegas. In the scene set in a parking lot, Hardy’s Eddie Brock grabs a man by the throat and while doing so, […]
  • Is there hope for UnReal?
    I was optimistic when UnREAL premiered back in February. Season 2 was shaky, and forever ago, and contained a couple instances of High Sharkjumpery. But a TV series that doesn’t try jumping a couple sharks by season 3 probably isn’t taking enough risks. And February’s premiere promised a clever reset. There was the gender-swappage of the central […]
  • Stephen King wants you to watch this show (and so do I)
    My first review of The Crossing — ABC’s sci-fi immigration thriller, for lack of a better description — was based on the one episode the network made available for review. Of course, a high-concept, complicated show like The Crossing cannot truly be judged until we’ve seen how it sustains its story — and its questions-to-answers ratio […]