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  • Woody Woodpecker trailer gets a horror movie recut
    On Thursday, the rowdy redheaded bird broke into the live-action world with the first trailer for Woody Woodpecker, which is getting a home release from Universal Home Entertainment. One day later, that signature cartoony cackle goes from every annoyed parent’s worst nightmare to straight-up everyone’s worst nightmare. ScreenCrush transmogrified the kid-friendly character into a psychotic […]
  • Here's everything that's coming (and going!) to Hulu in January
    We know it doesn’t feel like it, but the holidays will soon come to an end and watching A Christmas Story for the upteenth time in mid-January is just going to be weird. Lucky for you, Hulu has unveiled a huge batch of new movies and TV shows coming to the streaming service, from The Parent Trap – the […]
  • Watch Descendants star Sofia Carson get princess lessons from a pro
    After appearing in two Descendants movies as the daughter of the Evil Queen, you’d think Sofia Carson would have the princess thing down by now. Think again. In the exclusive clip from Freeform’s upcoming special, Decorating Disney: Holiday Magic, the starlet gets a lesson in the “armography” (that’s arms-only choreography, apparently) that the princesses have […]
  • Saturday Night Live: 2017's best sketches
    Saturday Night Live has never shied away from political commentary, but it took on new urgency this year — not just because the current president of the United States, Donald Trump, is a former SNL host, but because he also obsessively watched and tweeted about the show’s parodies of him. But there was more to 2017 than just […]